Children Ski Ability Level

The 5 Skibex Levels: Track Your Child's Progress

Skibex has established five clear and easily understandable skill levels tailored to children’s abilities. The goal is not to assess them but to provide you with the tools to track their progress and better understand their capabilities.

Each level is linked to a specific slope difficulty. For instance, the ‘green slope’ level means that your child can confidently ski on green slopes and is ready to tackle blue slopes.

Magic Carpet

On the bunny slope:

  • I control my speed, turn and stop in a snowplough
  • I stand up on my own again if I fall
  • I can put on and take off my skis
  • I can walk to the lift and use it on my own

Green Slope

On green slopes:

  • I snowplough turn and shift to parallel skiing between turns
  • I maintain good balance after jumps, on bumps, and on one ski.
  • I ski up using sidestepping and herringbone techniques
  • I can use all ski lifts

Blue Slope

On blue slopes:

  • I skid in parallel skiing to turn and stop
  • I can perform emergency stops
  • I can skate on easy terrain
  • I control my speed and balance while skiing on a series of bumps

Red Slope

On red slopes:

  • I adapt my technique according to the slope, terrain, snow conditions, and crowd     
  • I link short and long turns while adjusting my pace           
  • On easy slopes, I can make carved turns

Black Slope

  • I can link short turns on steep slopes. 
  • I can carve turns on slopes of varying steepness
  • Off-piste, I am becoming comfortable with all types of snow and terrain.