Leçons privées : la manière la plus efficace pour progresser !

– Adapté à vos besoins.
– Pour tous les âges. Enfants et adultes.
– Seul, en famille ou avec des amis jusqu’à 6 personnes.
– Des moniteurs diplomés.
– Cours de 2 h, 3 h, demi-journée et journée.

Stage de ski de randonnée : un week-end proche de la nature qui allie le plaisir du ski et de la marche.

Deux jours d’initiation au ski de randonnée. Aucune expérience n’est requise, il vous suffit d’être un bon skieur hors-piste.

Cour privée de hors-piste : apprenez ou perfectionner votre technique et boostez votre confiance.

Une leçon personnalisée avec un moniteur qui connaît Chamonix dans les moindre recoin pour vous faire profitez de la meilleur neige et du terrain le mieux adapté à votre niveau.

Stage hors-piste débutant : Maitrisez le hors-piste avec confiance et style.

– Stage de 3 matinées.
– 6 personnes maximum par groupe, pour assurer un suivi personnalisé par le moniteur.
– Sensibilisation à la sécurité en montagne.

Cour privée de ski de randonnée : explorez et skiez loin de la foule et des remontées.

– Profitez en sécurité de la poudreuse la plus légère avec un professionnel à vos côtés.
– un itinéraire personnalisé pour vous seul, en famille ou entre amis.


Nous sommes Skibex, spécialistes de l’enseignement du ski et du snowboard sous toutes ces formes. En cours privés ou collectif, de débutant à expert et pour tous les âges.

Pourquoi choisir Skibex? Car notre équipe de moniteurs a été triée sur le volet sur des critères stricts : être passionné, pédagogue et attentionné. Nous garantissons une leçon de qualité au coté d’un moniteur expérimenté et à la pointe des nouvelles techniques d’enseignement.

Rejoigniez nous !

Témoignages – ce que disent nos élèves :

Très chaudement recommandé ! Nous sommes une famille de 5 personnes avec une expérience et des attentes variées. Jorick a fait le nécessaire et au-delà pour s’assurer que nous passions des vacances incroyables. Jo a une excellente connaissance locale et sait toujours où aller (ou pas) Jo est une star absolue avec les enfants. Une tonne de patience et de technique a vraiment aidé Alex à développer ses compétences et à introduire le ski à Henry pour la 1ère fois. Merci beaucoup à Jo, ma famille est accro, nous reviendrons pour nos prochaines vacances de ski.

Tom Z. 02/01/2018

“Ebba was really amazing – a truly inspirational teacher who manages to transmit her passion for skiing in everything she does. Her teaching methods were so creative and intuitive and she made it so much fun to learn each new technique. She is such a natural and relaxed skier herself that just watching her own turns gave all of us a great feel for how to approach steeper slopes. I honestly never thought that I could progress from skiing greens to confidently tackling (and enjoying) a long red on Les Grands Montets … all in a couple of days.

Tony OB

“I’ve been skiing for years but needed to tweak my style as a few bad habits had crept in and my confidence was low. I had a two hour lesson with Jacopo and he gave me pointers as to how to ski confidently and tweak my style. Jacopo was very patient and kept to my pace (I’m not a fast skier) which helped me practice technique. Afterwards, I skied with family who could see a difference in my skiing and I managed a black without feeling out of control. I would recommend a lesson with Jacopo.”

Andrea R. – 11/02/2018

“Jorick was an amazing instructor he had a hard task taking us on! I had not skied for 17 years, my youngest Freddie had never skied and my eldest Jack had only skied once with the school. On our first day Jo spent two hours and at the end of the session we were all confident and ready for the mountain. At the end of our second lesson Jack completed a red and Freddie was skiing difficult blues. Highly recommend, he made our holiday”

Jane F. – 05/04/2018

“As a family of five, we gave Jacopo the challenge of managing a group that included a complete beginner and a parent returning to skiing after 20 years having sworn, never again. Jacopo assessed us all and divided the time between us, making sure everyone made some progress. He was flexible and encouraging. Our reward was that after three sessions with him, on our last day we had a splendid outing skiing altogether as a family. “

Christopher K. – 01/02/2018​

I just wanted to thank Ebba, who made a huge effort with our girls. They really enjoyed learning to ski with their instructors and had a fantastic week! Ebba is extremely patient and the girls made very good progress Thank you.

Julia L.

“This was our second year skiing in Chamonix and one of the main reasons we returned was to have lessons with Jo. He’s so lovely and patient and really goes the extra mile to help and make your experience amazing. We’ve progressed doll so well and quickly with Jo’s guidance and can’t wait to return next year! Thanks so much Jorick!”

Shila – 03/03/2018​

“Jacopo was absolutely brilliant with my two girls (7 and 9). Despite my youngest being a bit scared he had them both having fun and on the slopes in no-time. They had such a great time, and were confidently going down blue slopes and happy making turns after the 1-2 days. Jacopo was extremely friendly, always on time and well organised and spoke excellent English. I can’t recommend him highly enough! ”

Neil C. – 01/01/2018

Ebba has been absolutely amazing, they are totally blown away by her teaching and will definitely be recommendingher to their friends and want to come back again.


“Jorick or Jojo is a great instructor. I have had lessons for the last few years and he has really helped me with technique and confidence on more difficult terrain. Jojo is incredibly laidback for a French instructor and easy to get on with, but don’t think he will take his eye off your progress for a minute and is careful to keep slowly pushing you in the right direction! Speaks perfect English and knows the slopes like the back of his hand. Can’t recommend enough. Both my children now want to ski with him when we come to Chamonix!”

Estelle L. – 16/02/2018

“What a guy! In no time at all I felt significantly more confident. Jacopo is an incredible skier/instructor and takes time to understand your level. Following this, I was provided with a structured lesson which improved my skiing dramatically. I would certainly recommend Jacopo to anyone. Thank you for an incredible time.”

Luke M. 19/03/2018

The kids groups were amazingly run and she was very impressed with Ebba’s organization and how well it ran, especially in such a busy day. C and L are booked in for more lessons in February again.


“Quite simply Jojo is the best instructor ever!! He has made it so much fun and is part of the reason we have been to Cham twice in 1 year! Can’t recommend him enough. See you next yr!😎

Ajit g. – 08/03/2018

“We hired Jacapo for 6 days to teach our 6 and 7 year old daughters to ski for 3 hours each afternoon they had only been in ski school the year before and both struggled. After the 2nd day with Jacapo they where both able to ski after day 3 they where out on the green and blue runs with us in the morning and having further lessons with Jacapo in the afternoon. He is a really friendly guy and patient with the kids I would highly recommend him and we will hire him again next year to give the whole family a freshen up”

Robert. – 07/03/2018

I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or to thank you for the time you spent with Oscie last week. I am quite convinced he wouldn’t have spent his hour or two skiing each day if it hadn’t been for your kindness and care towards him. I really appreciated it and loved watching him. Thanks also for putting up with all of us each day – a pretty big ‘team Oscar’! We all enjoyed chatting with you and I’m still laughing at your english chat-up lines – v funny! We are pretty sure we’ll be heading back to next year, see you then!


We wanted an instructor to teach our kids in a fun and engaging way after a very disappointing week of lessons with ESF last year…their feedback is: Jacopo was an awesome teacher and even though we only had him for one day, I was extremely impressed by his fun and interesting methods of teaching. I am really looking forward to having him again later in the season. Tom – 12 I had loads of fun skiing with Jacopo and it was really helpful for us as he taught us lots of tips and tricks and managed to fit all of it into a few hours. Barney – 12 With Jacopo we had loads of fun and he made everything really interesting for us. He didn’t just teach us to ski normally he even managed to teach us to ski backwards!!! I definitely recommend him to all skiers.

Benjy – 10  

Jacopo was a very friendly and caring instructor. He adapted the lessons to our needs and taught us what we needed to learn. As well as this, Jacopo showed us different slopes, ski lifts and was very informative. We highly recommend his instruction. #teamjacopo Elaine and Pippa (English)

Elaine B. 25/12/2017

My partner and I were lucky enough to book a lesson with Jacobo. We really enjoyed the lesson, he made it fun whilst also giving us some great tips to work on! He showed us some places we hadn’t seen before on the mountain which we also through release great! We would highly recommend Jacobo, he is very knowledgeable and entertaining!

John C. 26/12/2017



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